Weeknotes 5

  • Dan Nguyen’s The Bastards Book of Photography has got me itching to head out with my camera again if only it’d stop raining. His advice feels honest and considered, recommending you start with whatever you have and start taking photos.

    “So shoot whatever you have in front of you. No matter how mundane it is. Practice it from the same angle over and over if you have to but it’s better to just try different times of the day. Don’t expect to get a groundbreaking photo. Just take it out of the chance that you’ll notice something different.”

    Basement interior of the Tate Modern, London
  • The issue I was having with Safari seems to have mysteriously resolved itself. I have left the report open for now.

  • I’ve upgraded my iPhone and Apple Watch to the new public betas ( iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4) released this week, purely to try out the new watch-based solution for unlocking an iPhone whilst wearing a mask. I’m hoping it’ll make mundane inconveniences like checking my grocery list whilst shopping less frustrating and put an end to my yearning for the practicality my cherished iPhone SE’s Touch ID.