Weeknotes 27

  • It turns out a second mention relating to a frustrating lack of access to Spotify Apple Watch Downloads was all it took to have the feature enabled on my account. Whilst it was great to be phone-less on my run yesterday, being 135 grams lighter did not translate into improved performance.

  • We had a product & engineering offsite this week, with many folks travelling in from outside London to spend a couple of days with the team. We’d arranged some team exercises, presentations, pizza for lunch and bowling and drinks afterwards. It felt great to spend time with people I’d either never met in person before or hadn’t seen for over a year. It turns out I’m pretty terrible at bowling. However, I suspect the oil pattern may not have been favourable.

  • This week I spent a couple of days working from our new office space in Shoreditch. It felt good to trade-off focus time for in-person conversations and discussions around a whiteboard. I’ve missed spontaneous coffee breaks and debating over post-work drinks.

  • I’ve booked my travel to Edinburgh to visit my parents in August. It’ll have been 582 days since I was last home.