Weeknotes 26

  • I’ve started running again, and it feels incredible. I know now that I was running way too fast in my previous attempts (using Couch to 5K), crashing early and generally having an awful time. I’ve kept it simple this time, running as slowly as I need to get through half an hour with no walking. Now, if only Spotify would hurry up and release the offline listening feature, I could leave my phone at home.

  • I’m looking at ergonomic mechanical keyboards again. I’ll admit this time that I’m essentially feeding my desire to solder things and obsess over spring weights.

  • I’ve been really into the BBC podcast ‘13 minutes to the moon’ these past few days. In a change from the conversational style tech podcasts I mostly listen to, this one has a refreshingly high production value and doesn’t skimp on the details. I’m on episode four because I’m forcing myself to only listen to it as I’m out walking in a bid to get out of the flat more.

  • We’re heading to Cornwall later this month, my first holiday in over a year. I think I’ve forgotten what it’s like outside of Zone 2. I’m looking forward to lazily reading on quiet beaches for a week.