Weeknotes 22-25

  • I recently discovered that four series of Scrapheap Challenge were available to stream via All 4. I have fond memories of family dinners in front of the TV (a rare treat as a child) watching each week. While my all-time favourite episode, ‘Rocket Railway’, isn’t available, you should watch the ending anyway, it’s incredible. I’d also recommend paying four quid to remove the long, repetitive and frequent adverts on All 4. Just awful.

  • I enjoyed watching Daniel Na’s ‘Pushing Through Friction’ talk. I can relate to the problems he discusses and felt particularly ‘seen’ when he spoke about switching roles and the reality of being unable to escape organisational friction wherever you go.

  • I picked up a new work computer this week, opting this time for a Mac mini, given that my laptop has barely moved from my desk this last year. The new M1 is undoubtedly very quick and wasn’t too much trouble to configure for development given the first-class support added in Homebrew 3.0.

  • Spotify announced they were launching support to download playlists to an Apple Watch, allowing for offline listening without the need for an iPhone nearby (finally).

    Unfortunately, the feature is being "rolled out" despite the ‘now’ in the title and present-tense scattered throughout the article. In Spotify timescales, it could be many months before we’ll see any changes.