Weeknotes 11

  • The aforementioned Bacon Naan kit from Dishoom was sensational as expected. Despite being slightly apprehensive about cooking with the frying pan and grill at the absolute hottest setting possible, I managed to produce a tasty mess of bacon, egg, tomato-chilli jam and deliciously fluffy naan bread. Highly recommended.

  • 21 days to go

  • Not immediately watching all 10 episodes of the new Drive to Survive season has tested my resolve this week. I have to limit myself to 1 episode per day to last until the first practice session of the season opener this weekend.

    They do a good job in the first episode, covering pre-season testing and the Australian GP’s run-up. It’s quite engaging to see how the rumours land and spread around the paddock before the cancellation becomes official. Everyone is in the early stages of response to the pandemic, laughing it off and making jokes until they realise that Bahrain and China are also called off, and the reality of the situation sets in.

  • These past couple of weeks, I’ve been devouring the fresh pasta meals from Nonna Tonda. They’re high quality, delicious and varied, and I cannot get enough of them. They also take about 5 minutes to prepare and require almost no washing up, so I can avoid adding to the huge pile of dirty plates my sink collects during a week of working from home. If you use my referral link, you’ll get 50% off your first 4 boxes.