Weeknotes 10

  • In an attempt to slightly upset the monotony of working from home during a national lockdown, I took this week as annual leave. Taking leave without any plan for how I’ll spend the time isn’t something I’m used to, but I look forward to turning off Slack and work email all the same. Maybe I’ll finally have the energy to see what my nearly-expired trial of Apple Fitness+ has to offer.

  • In search of gifts to send home for Mothers Day, I bought myself some Permit Room Collection cocktails and highly praised Bacon Naan Roll Kit from Dishoom. I’m keen to try their Permit Room Old Fashioned before attempting to make it from the recipe, which recommends ageing the green tea and brown sugar reduction for somewhere between a month and two years.

  • We bought some new laptops for employees at work, opting to switch to Apple Silicon for the first time. It made financial sense to switch, but if I’m honest, I was keen to investigate the performance gains for everyday tasks like running the test suite for our Rails monolith. I wasn’t disappointed, with early tests providing a 50% reduction in test times compared to a mid-spec 2018 MacBook Pro.

  • Taking advantage of new lockdown rules, I caught up with a friend over some drinks in Hyde Park. This somewhat compromised my ability to write clearly the next morning, so these notes are a few days late. As lockdown eases, I may be required to revise the Sunday morning writing schedule.